We seek to bridge the gap between literary work and the current state of our world. We would love to see writing that tackles serious topics that affect youth today, including but not limited to social justice, mental health, and the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to amplify the underrepresented youth voice, and be at the intersection of imagination and reality. This is an interactive publication, and we want pieces published here to open up a conversation.

The Redefine Rejection Project: We want to start a conversation about rejection in the literary world. Feel free to share a favorite line (or multiple) from a piece of yours that’s been rejected from a contest or publication. These will be shared on our social media accounts and on a special section of our website. You may choose whether you would like to be acknowledged or you would like the line(s) to be recognized anonymously. Rejection doesn’t define us, but we can redefine rejection.