Brooke Nind is a high school junior from Southern California. Her poetry has been recognized by the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and published in the Just Poetry National Poetry Quarterly, and she is a Senior Editor for Polyphony Lit. She was a 2020 attendee at the Sewanee Young Writers' Conference. Besides reading and writing poetry, she is also passionate about politics, social justice, and education advocacy. You can most likely find her eating a burrito on any given day.


Poetry Reader

Prithiva Sharma (she/her) is currently pursuing Masters in Creative Writing and is an Editor for Teen Belle Mag and Nightingale & Sparrow. She loves horror movies, binge reading fanfiction and taking random naps. Her work has appeared in Wellington Street Review, The Confessionalist Zine among others and can be found at https://campsite.bio/prithuwu and on her Instagram @prithuwu. She can be found on her alternative instagram @prithuplsread sharing insights on random books she reads. 


Prose Reader

Ali Fishman is a junior at San Francisco University High School. When she is not writing, she spends her days playing softball, volleyball, basketball, surfing, and taking photos. Her publications include Chewing Dirt Literary Magazine, Always Naive Zine, Canvas Literary Journal, Body Without Organs Journal, and Cathartic Literary Magazine. Despite loving nature and the outdoors, she is a city girl at heart.


Prose Reader

Isabella Romine is a high school senior in Greensboro, North Carolina. A lifelong writer, she co-founded and runs her school literary magazine in addition to contributing to several other publications. In her free time, she enjoys listening to offbeat music, studying existential philosophy, and experimenting in the kitchen.


Poetry Reader and Staff Writer

Sam Habashy is a high school junior born in Cairo, Egypt, and raised in Dallas, Texas. She loves all things clothes, more so shoes, and spends too many hours watching true-crime documentaries. She is interested in a variety of things including journalism and computer science. She has a deep love for the art of written and spoken language and has been recognized at the regional, state, and national level for her works and oratory speeches. Outside of that world, she is a whole-hearted extrovert who runs on Chipotle.


Poetry Reader and Staff Writer

Aviva Javaherian is a 17 year old Los Angeles native. She used to want to pursue a STEM career before her freshman English class. She currently runs aviva.art and is studying too many languages on the side.


Poetry Reader and Staff Writer

Murielle Müller studies English Literature (MA) in Berlin, Germany. She writes and performs her creative somethings in her mother tongue German as well as English. Her work has been published online and in print and she can be found at muriellemueller.com. Besides jumbling words, she likes to paint sailing boats and landscapes in American realist style and riding her bike through summer fields. She is an avid concert visitor and live music fan and has a mild obsession with tea. 


Poetry Reader and Staff Writer

Thusani Sivaneswaran is a poetry reader and staff writer for Intersections Mag.


Staff Writer

Mili (or as most people know her, Mallika) is the yellow-est person you'll meet! She loves yellow as much as she loves Economics and cats- and that's a lot. If you lose her in a crowd, just holler, "who are neoliberals?" and she'll holler back with "WASTE OF SPACES". She loves to read and write prose, poetry and academic papers! In her free time, you can find her chugging really strong hot coffee to David Harvey's anti-capitalist podcasts, random episodes of Parks and Recreation and Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poetry. You can reach her at .


Poetry Reader

Emma Keas is a young writer from California with a love for words. Her poetry has been published in the Cathartic Youth Literary Journal, where she is also an editor. And when she’s not writing, she likes to draw, read, and plan trips to places she’d like to travel to someday. She's excited to be a poetry reader for Intersections!



Prose Reader

Grace Zhang is a high schooler from Spring, Texas. Her work has been recognized by the Houston Legislative Essay Contest and she has studied the IEW writing technique for two years. When she isn't writing, she loves listening to music, watching anime, and drinking bubble tea. She can be found at @zz.grace on Instagram.


Staff Writer

Thee Sim Ling (she/her) is a a young Southeast Asian writer. She has placings in numerous writing competitions, including being the youngest finalist for New Zealand’s NFFD Youth Competition 2020, and her work has been published in Stone Soup, Overachiever Magazine and KidSpirit. She is also a staff writer for Gen Z Writes, Plastic-Lite SG and The Augment Review, among others. Her book Enigma Hawker Centre will be coming out in February 2021. Being autistic with mild scoliosis, she is passionate about writing about disability hot topics. She’s also a cybersecurity enthusiast. Check out her blog at https://lucindathee.com.


Poetry Reader

Tran Quynh Nguyen is a 16-year-old writer from Hanoi, Vietnam. Her work has been featured or forthcoming in Anak Sastra, The Ice Lolly Review, MOIDA, Ample Remains among others. She likes mellow skies and rainy days more than anything.


Poetry Reader

Glory Bowcaster is a high school senior from Oklahoma City. She is currently pursuing a TEFL certification; and hopes to teach abroad in the near future. When not writing she can be found with her head in a book, binge watching movies, studying languages , or tending to her lychee tree named bud.


Staff Writer

Talha Hasan is a writer and activist. He writes to deal with his emotions. His writing is a reaction to the events happening around his world. He finds peace in helping others. He's involved with many organizations and magazines. His dream is to make a better world for everyone.


Poetry Reader

Laiba is a highschool freshman poet from Asia. She started writing seriously about 2 months ago, yet poetry is more than a hobby to her. Outside of writing, she can be found reading or exploring new languages and cultures.


Staff Writer

Chiu-yi Rachel Ngai is a high school junior at Haas Hall Academy at the Jones Centre who would like to pursue Classics/Classical Studies at university. A lot of her work surrounds her experiences growing up in Hong Kong, and also as a result of her childhood, she is incredibly passionate about freedom of speech, protest rights, and equality. She is blog director for SeaGlass Literary and Editor/Staff Writer for Project Said. Her work can be found in Footnotes and on Project Said. In her free time, when not reading or writing, she can be found playing music or translating Chinese dramas.


Poetry Reader

Gabrielle is a 21 year old primary school teaching assistant. Whilst helping to influence the younger generation, she completed her BA in English Literature and Writing, graduating from university with years of experience and knowledge. Gabrielle is the owner of PoetryBrí, which is an independent professional and creative writing business, most well-known for writing beautiful and personal poetry. Since the business was created over a year ago, Gabrielle’s personality has developed alongside her venture, and she’s working towards the end goal of becoming a published writer/poet, whilst also teaching and inspiring the younger generation. Gabrielle’s bubbly personality and passion for writing go hand-in-hand, and she hopes to inspire and influence with her writing, and also aspires to have a positive impact on people with her writing.


Poetry Reader

Myesha Phukan is a high school  freshman in the Bay Area. She loves to write, especially poetry, and her poems are forthcoming in many publications. In her free time, she is a voracious reader, and loves raising awareness for different topics using writing.