He's Made Mistakes - Thusani Sivaneswaran

The world has changed and evolved so much he finds himself sprinting to keep up with its pace.

He now understands the world and its people more,

Understands that incidents that were passable a decade ago are now unacceptable.

No apologies or excuses will let whatever he did be okay,

But he assures that his apologies are sincere.

He grew up in a different world with different morals.

Put himself under the limelight to give others joy,

But realizes what made people laugh a decade ago

Hurt many people then and even more people now.

He cannot believe all that he had said and done.

He recognizes how much the world has awakened to the microaggressions,

Sees the injustices that were being swept under the rug,

Feels that he influenced the hostility into the adults of today who grew up with him.

Guilt consumes him, but he promises to do better,

Strives to keep up with the world and take responsibility for his mistakes.

He has learned to understand the weight of his words and the magnitude of his actions,

And promises the world that he has changed and actively uses his influence to make positive change.

Your past does not define you,

But should help refine you.

Sometimes even those who committed terrible acts can be enlightened,

And the obsolete shadows that are their past selves,

Were only versions with bugs,

Waiting for an update.

It is incredible how much more informed people are nowadays. They have become much more aware of the injustices in society and the hidden behavioural microaggressions that have been instilled within us by the environment we have grew up in.

In this period of enlightenment, it is also important to forgive those who have made mistakes but have changed and want to change. In this fast-paced world, ten years brings about so much change and I feel it is unfair to shut out those who had made mistakes in their past and want to better themselves; I believe it is necessary for them to address their past mistakes and actively show that they are trying to be an informed individual in society, but as a society, we should then also forgive these people. We should encourage them to keep learning instead of inflicting hate and imposing cancel culture.

All these movements are propelling us forward into a world where every member of the human race have equal opportunity and rights. These movements are for people to learn about the discontinuities in opportunities and rights because of gender, religion, culture, race, etc. and eliminate them, so when those who contributed to the problem are enlightened, accept their apologies and allow them the space to learn and grow.

To the minorities who received unjust treatment, I apologize that it took this long to recognize your struggles and inequity. I see that the youth of today have a powerful voice and will bring about a social revolution that will allow us to take a big step in the right direction.

It may be difficult to accept those that have wronged you, but if you could find it in your heart to forgive those who are sincere and accept them as allies, it solidifies the difference between you and them; you choose kindness even when it is the unconventional choice.

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