New Year's Resolutions: Think Small - Sam Habashy

2020 has come and gone, left its mark on the world, and made room for the new

year. With each new year comes a fresh set of New Year's Resolutions, which are viewed as a new beginning to some, and the same-old, same-old to others. The popular phrase “new year, new me” communicates the turning of a new leaf; many can agree that the descending of a new year is a chance at bettering oneself, if dedicated.

Common resolutions include weight loss, imparting more kindness, taking up a new skill or

hobby, traveling, or possibly continuing to do something learned in the prior year such as read or cook more. Whimsical resolutions stay true to their name as they may be an attempt to order everything from a specific restaurant, acquire a random certificate online, or learn to tap dance.

No matter the resolution, the aim is to pursue a given objective and keep at it by the time the next new year approaches. The issue? Most don’t. New Year's Resolutions demand effort and will, both which fade into oblivion after the first week of January. Like a TV show after a commercial break, an individual will resume their normal programming and go through the motions like before, ignoring the change they had in mind. Often, this depletion is partly due to the rigidness of the resolution- weight loss, for one, is broad and difficult. A simpler way to approach New Year’s Resolutions would be to think small.

Think short-term. Think specific. Think monthly, or even weekly. Think to improve in bits.

Small goals or intervals are simply easier to carry out to the human brain. Break the resolution into something that can be placed next to a bullet point on a to-do list. Slowly ease into the discomfort as opposed to burdening a load that cannot be shouldered in an efficient manner.

And what's my New Year’s Resolution, you might ask? Lettering. The start of 2021 seems like a more than adequate time to start writing more letters. For personal enjoyment and gain, I’ve always had a soft spot for all kinds of letters: love letters, greetings, postcards, telegrams, etc. In order to start small, I aim to write a letter or two a month and then gradually get into the groove of writing them throughout the week.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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